My Medical Department is an independent medical consultancy, offering a broad range of Industry services, where and when you need us, from the field to your office or virtually. We deliver on-demand Medical Department functions tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.


Trans-Global Presence

With registered offices in England and Australia, and established clients located in Europe, Australia, USA, and Asia Pacific regions, My Medical Department holds a significant trans-global business presence. The team is collectively able to communicate in English, French, German and Japanese, and we routinely work to intercontinental time-zones, covering APAC, UK and USA business hours. This makes us ideal for facilitating international projects.

Quality and Integrity

As a physician-led team, My Medical Department is committed to upholding patient safety and promoting the quality use of medicines. This is enacted through a strong focus on quality of work, integrity of decision-making, and strict adherence to Good Medical Practice.


Our team of experts is proud to deliver the highest quality service, customised to your specific needs. Our innovative model provides you with immediate access to the full array of medical functions, and you only pay for what you use, making My Medical Department a very cost-effective solution.

Your Guarantee

At My Medical Department, our reputation is our greatest asset; you can be assured of our professionalism and confidentiality at all times. My Medical Department carries international Professional & Public Liability Insurance of £2m each, which means you can have confidence in the service we deliver. Our SOPs are available upon request; or we can work to your organisation’s SOPs if preferred.

Contact My Medical Department today and discover our tailored solutions for your specific Pharmacovigilance, R&D physician and medical requirements.