Digital Medical Information – Are you online?

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We live in a digital world. It has reshaped society and the way we interact so why hasn’t it re-shaped the pharmaceutical industry? Hiding behind the challenges of interacting digitally and treating it like an optional add-on, the pharmaceutical industry has fallen behind in a world that’s embraced a’ digital-first’ approach.

Communications of all types are increasingly intermediated through online platforms. Consumer hotlines and written responses are a thing of the past with customers becoming increasingly tech-savvy. Live chat does more than just allow customers another way to get in touch. It helps increase customer satisfaction by making consumers feel important.

92% customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature

42% of consumers say that they prefer live chat functions

Digital technologies have empowered consumers to seek information and interact in the way they choose, when they choose. 19 million people search health information websites like WebMD and twenty five percent of patients with chronic diseases visit support sites to interact with fellow suffers and discuss their condition. The medical community is digitalising too. 50% of doctors search Wikipedia for medical information. Peer-to-peer platforms are becoming increasingly popular and Twitter is emerging as a medium for specialists to swap news of latest developments. The internet is no longer a one-way interaction.

Live chat appeals to busy healthcare professionals and consumers particularly because of its accessibility and convenience. However, one of the biggest internal fears of digital adoption has been the level of perceived risk, particularly due to adverse event reporting requirements. Yet a 2014 study, funded by the FDA, examined 6.9 million Twitter posts and found that less than 0.1% resembled an ADR.

The pharmaceutical industry is an information intensive industry. A company-managed live chat can offer scientifically validated responses to ensure the correct use of therapeutics. Medical Information professionals have access to present, correct and valid information that they provide in response. Also, customer satisfaction has been known to increase due to the immediate and private nature of a live chat environment. It’s time to start interacting with your customer base. Don’t just have a voice, lend an ear.

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