If key messages about your products / offerings are not written properly, they are often lost.

Good medical writing requires good scientific background and knowledge. Good medical writers are great analysts and problem solvers. They have the ability to fully understand, grasp and comprehend the complex science behind your products and offerings, and then, present the same in a manner that is simple and easy to understand and remember.

We have a team of experienced medical writers.

Our medical writers will work with you and will ensure that your valuable data is transformed into meaningful, concise and clear scientific messages. Whether you need help in writing an internal training slide set or a paper for a prestigious journal, we can help.

We would be happy to provide support for;

  • Writing publications (primary, secondary, abstracts, posters)
  • Publication planning
  • Target journal selection
  • Internal training documents
  • Presentations / Slides
  • Congress / Symposia presentations
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Meeting minutes / summaries
  • Congress / conference write-ups

Want to present your wonderful yet complex science in a logical and memorable manner?
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Case Studies

Case Study 1

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A rescue-medication and its competitor were sold with markedly different cost structures resulting in the client’s product spuriously appearing much more costly than the competitor at face-value. Health economists were unable to calculate the budget impact of the product using traditional methods, resulting in adverse pricing and reimbursement status

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Our Solution

My Medical Department developed and published a new cost-modelling technique, accounting for pack size and the likelihood of use. This quantified the favourable budget impact of the product, contributing to positive pricing, reimbursement and market share outcomes across multiple markets.

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End Result

  • Established HCP consensus on an optimal place in the market for the client’s product
  • Contributed new knowledge and insight to the field of health economics in relation to pack size and likelihood of use of a rescue medication
  • Supported the successful application for product reimbursement in multiple markets